Bigg Boss 12 4th November 2018 Written Update

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Download bigg boss 12 4th november 2018 written update. Bigg Boss 12 4th November Written Episode, Written Update on Elimination Day Bharti and Salman begin the show with a dance.

Salman dances on prem ratan dhan payo. Salman says Bharti is going in house with Aaditya, she leaves. On stage, Salman welcomes everyone to show. Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar November 4 Episode Written Updates: Bharti Singh Entertains, Urvashi Gets Eliminated Urvashi gets evicted from Bigg Boss Updated: November 4, PM IST. Bigg Boss 12 airs every day at 9 pm on Colors.

Host Salman Khan celebrated Diwali with housemates in Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss We will also saw Bharti Singh and Aditya Narayan entering the Bigg Boss house. Also Read | Bigg Boss Urvashi Vani to be eliminated, says poll The twelfth season of television’s most controversial show Bigg Boss airs on Colors. Bigg Boss 12 28th December Written Episode Update: Sree says sorry to Vikas Atiba Bigg Boss 12 28th December Written Episode, Written Update on 9AM Inmates wake.

Bigg Boss 12, 4th December Episode Written Updates: Jasleen Matharu Tells Romil Chaudhary That She Found Him Cute TV Bigg Boss Insider | PM IST A+. Bigg Boss 12 12th November Written Episode, Written Update on Day 56 PM Inmates are sleeping, alarm plays. Get Bigg Boss 12, 4 December written update: Somi and Romil have misunderstandings over Jasleen, Dipika fed up with the arguments in the house, misses her husband.

Read now on   Bigg Boss 12 5th November Written Episode, Written Update on Day 49 AM Deepak is singing tere bin nai lagda. Romil says to Somi that lover has started. Somi says I was feeling weird in Bharti’s task. Romil says you were enjoying and having fun. Somi says I was not serious. Bigg Boss 12 11th November Written Episode, Written Update on Elimination Special Salman says to inmates tha Bigg Boss is on vacations so you will have to do what I say, I am Bigg Boss for a day.

All inmates laugh. Salman asks them to dance on fast motion. They all start dancing funnily. Sree dances with Shiv. Bigg Boss November 24 Written Update: BB nominates Aly for next week for his violence and punishes Abhinav Aly Goni will get into a 'massive fight' with Kavita Kaushik leaving everyone shocked. Bigg Boss December 4 Written Update: Rahul's tiff continues with Eijaz, Nikki, Abhinav & Rubina The latest episode of Bigg Boss 14 witnessed the housemates ranking each other on.

Bigg Boss November 28 Written Update: Salman Khan drops hints about GRAND FINALE happening next week 6 The new episode of Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar episode is here and it is coming with a.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 58 written update: Sreesanth breaks down as he talks to BB about his Tihar jail days. By - Updated:IST. facebooktwitterincom. Last Updated: 17th November, IST 'Bigg Boss 4' Tamil Written Update November Bala And Rio Not On Good Terms 'Bigg Boss 4' Tamil Written Update November 16 saw contestants Bala and Rio having a misunderstanding which resulted in a fallout between the two.

In the latest written episode of the Bigg Boss sea th November Jasleen is disappointed. As we all know that the Bigg Boss is topmost rating show. So many people like this Tv serial. As we all know that in this reality show there is high volt drama. In this reality show, the contestant has to spend there day in the house of the.

Bigg Boss season 12 ; Bigg Boss season 13 ; Bigg Boss November 21 Written Update: Jasmin Bhasin, Kavita Kaushik & Nikki declared safe from elimination Bigg Boss December Bigg Boss 12 19th November Written Episode, Written Update on Day 65 2PM Rohit is sitting on Somi’s bed and partially lying on her.

Deepak asks him to come to him. Somi says dont go there, I am ill, she stops him. Rohit says let me go. Somi asks Deepak who are you to call him? Rohit says leave me, Deepak is calling. Bigg Boss 12 November 25 Weekend Ka Vaar: Srishty Rode Gets Eliminated, S Sreesanth Reveals About Spot-Fixing Published: Novem PM IST By Entertainment Desk Email.

Tonight, Bigg Boss 14 contestants will fight it out against each other in the nominations task. Read on to know know what is happening on BB 14 on December 9,   Bigg Boss 12 7th November Written Episode, Written Update on Day 51 PM Buzzer plays, Dipika asks who is going? Sristy says no one is coming here. Dipika says to KV that we shouldnt make this task stuck right now, KV says we will go in from tomorrow.

Shiv comes out and says I want to come. Sristy tears his ticket. Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar written update, Novem: Srishty Rode fears losing fiancé Manish post link-up stories with Rohit; Yash Tonkk: I. In Bigg Boss Season 4, Tamil, participants will pluck their fruit from the tree placed in the garden area, in their respective baskets. Although due to Balaji’s carelessness some points might get deducted from the luxury budget. Also read: 'Bigg Boss 4' Tamil Written Update November The Mystery Of The Stolen Papers.

Bigg Boss 12, 4th October Episode Written Updates: Nehha Pendse Disqualifies Somi Khan From The Captaincy Task TV Bigg Boss Insider | PM IST A+. Bigg Boss 12 1st November Written Episode, Written Update on Day 46 8AM Inmates wake up to song paisa paisa.

AM Deepak says to Somi that I am happy for you. — Bigg Boss (@BiggBoss) November 5, This twist in the nomination process created a huge fight because Sreesanth took names of the members from the 'Happy Club.' He nominated Somi, Jasleen.

Bigg Boss 12, Day 50, November 5,Written Update: Sreesanth's actions provoke Surbhi, Shivashish tries to run away. Bigg Boss 12 4 December Written Update latest news, photos, videos and updates from Explore lot more about Bigg Boss 12 4 December Written Update, pictures, breaking. Get Bigg B November written update of full episode: in today's episode, Romil and Shivashish are the contenders for the captaincy and Romil becomes the new captain. Read now on. Bigg Boss 12, Novem, written update: Karanvir Bohra breaks ties with Dipika Kakar says she is not his friend.

Bigg Boss 12 13th November Written Episode, Written Update on Day 58 Megha tried to help Sree in washing dishes but Deepak taunted her that she wants attention. Megha asks him to shut up, dont be too smart, Deepak says you want to show your dress. Megha says I am helping my friend.

Deepak says you are buttering him and. 'Bigg Boss 12' Novem Written Update: Dipika Kakar leads against Deepak Thakur with in BB Panchayat task - The luxury budget. Last Updated: 9th November, IST 'Bigg Boss 4 Tamil' Written Update November 4: Kamal Haasan Speaks To The Contestants 'Bigg Boss 4 Tamil' Written Update November 4,saw Kamal Haasan interacting with the contestants and trying to understand the situation of the house. 'Bigg Boss 12' Novem Written Update: Sreesanth, Surbhi Rana and Somi Khan get saved from nominations - Romil Chaudhary too is.

Bigg Boss 12 NovemberLIVE Updates: Sreesanth finally manages to kill Rohit, all thanks to Karanvir Bohra. Here's what happened in today's episode of Bigg Boss   Bigg Boss 12, Day 54, Written Update: New Captain Karanvir Bohra Breaks Down. November 9, Meanwhile, Dipika was accused of being. Last Updated: 3rd December, IST 'Bigg Boss 4 Tamil' Written Update For December 2: Archana Is Disappointed 'Bigg Boss 4 Tamil' Written Update for December 2 sees Archana facing disappointment due to a certain tag she was associated with in the house.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 60, Novem, Written Update: Sreesanth cries like a baby after Dipika prepares Halwa for Karanvir. In the last episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 4, Somu was the winner of that round of The Call Centre task and Ramya got nominated to the next Boss Tamil Season 4 November 26 episode stars with Rio continuing the task by calling out more about yesterday's episode in the Bigg Boss 4 Tamil written update below.

Also read: 'Bigg Boss 4 Tamil' Written Update November. Bigg Boss Season 14 November 4 Update: Jasmin Bhasin's rumoured boyfriend Aly Goni entered the house as a new contestant Bigg Boss 14 Written Update November 4, Novem am. Sreesanth defeated Jasleen and became the new captain of Bigg Boss - Bigg Boss 12 November 1 Written Updates: Sapna Choudhary. Bigg Boss Jasleen once found Romil cute. See details - Bigg Boss 12 December 4 Written Update: Jasleen Tells Romil That She Found Him Cute, Sreesanth to Slap Rohit.

Bigg Boss 12, Day 4, September 20 written update: Sreesanth continues to abuse. After a lot of canvassing, the commoner jodis and single celebs in Bigg Boss 12 name their candidates for captaincy.

While celebs are unanimous and name Dipika as their candidate, the singles just can’t decide on one name. Bigg Boss 12 8th November Written Episode, Written Update on Day 53 8AM Inmates wake up to song happy diwali. All hug each other. 2PM Deepak gives a gift to Sree, Sree thanks him. Jasleen says to Shiv that dont put egg in dish. Shiv says we won this egg. Jasleen says I dont like it, Shiv says its diwali. Bigg Boss 12 day 65 20 November live update: Megha Dhade and romil chaudhary fights over kitchen and Rohit Suchanti throws a.

Bigg Boss 12 December 6, Written Update: Surbhi Rana is appointed as the new captain. - Bigg Boss 12 December 6 Written Update: Surbhi. — Bigg Boss (@BiggBoss) November 9, Bigg Boss treats all the contestants with festive food. Rohit Suchanti steals some sweets for Srishty Rode, which irks Megha and Dipika. He gets upset and refuses to eat. Later, Srishty, Somi and Surbhi convince him to eat. Dipika makes friendship bands for the Happy club. Bigg Boss Season 13 November 4 Update: Bigg Boss declared Aarti safe from the nominations for the week Entertainment Written by Aakanksha Raghuvanshi Updated: Novem am IST.

Bigg Boss 12, Day 72, Written Update: Updated: Novem am IST. Dipika Kakar with Deepak Thakur. Watch this space for more Bigg Boss 12 updates. Bigg Boss 2 was the second season of the reality television series, Bigg Boss, and was hosted by Kamal Haasan. The season had 17 housemates (including wildcard entries), and was filmed with 60 cameras. It ran for 15 weeks (from 17 June to 30 September ), and aired on Star Vijay weekdays from 9– am and 9– pm on weekends.

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